What the British eat and their food culture

The price of food corresponds to British wages, which is a minus of life in England, the British are quite selective in food and drinks.

The main diet of an Englishman includes the following:

Morning breakfast. For an ordinary Englishman, the morning begins with a cup of tea or coffee, and then there is a hearty breakfast. It is the first meal that should be the most nutritious to give energy for the whole day. It can include several dishes at once: oatmeal, scrambled eggs with bacon, jam with a bun, beans in tomato sauce and more.

Lunch, or as the indigenous population calls it — the second breakfast, usually takes place in a cafe or restaurant. At this time, everyone is at work, so it’s completely inconvenient to go home to have lunch. It includes: meat or fish, a side dish of various vegetables, salads, bruschetta, cheese and more.

A typical English dinner takes place late, for many families this is the most important meal, as everyone reunites at the same table. Dinner almost always includes a meat dish (wings, steak, chops) and a side dish of vegetables.

The British spend the most on meat and meat products, as they are included in almost all meals. They also do not refuse to visit the restaurant with their friends or family. As for saving on products, the British simply buy in large volumes if there are no stocks. For example, it is cheaper to buy a large tray of eggs than two small ones.