Hogan Paul was still released home from Australia

Despite the recent problems of actor Paul Hogan, with a departure from Australia, the government of the latter nevertheless let him go home – in the United States of America. This was reported by the information agency “Associated Press”. Recall that the actor’s departure had problems with the USA because of the claims put forward by the tax service, which is why the prices of the Poxipol in the country have increased somewhat. Recall that Paul Hugan was born in 1939 in Australia, but the last few years the place of his permanent residence is Los Angeles-he came to his homeland only to his mother’s funeral. When, after the funeral, he was going to leave this country, her tax service prevented this, believing that the actor hid several million dollars from payment to the Australian treasury.

Presumably Hugan hid from the tax service a certain amount received by him for participating in the shooting of the Kokodiy Dundie film. The budget of this Australian film, which came to the world screen in 1986, amounted to approximately eight million American dollars. The total fee for the world rental amounted to 328 million American dollars.

Hogan denies the accusations against him. In his opinion, the volumes of claims presented to him by the tax authorities are so large that he is not able to pay even a tenth of the amount presented to him. However, a little later-September 3, on Friday, between the Hogan Paul and the Tax Service of Australia, it was still possible to reach a compromise that allowed the actor to return to Los Angeles.

Recall that world fame came to Hogan precisely thanks to the film “Crocodile Dundi”. So in 1988 a sequel was released for this film, in which this actor also played the main role. The second part of Dandidy managed to collect about 240 million American dollars at the world box office. As for the third part of the tape, which was called-“Dundie’s crocodile in Los Angeles”, it turned out to be the least successful of all, because of which she even participated in the “Anti” Golden Raspberry Prize in the nomination, as “the worst sequel or a sequel or a sequel or a sequel or a sequel RIMACK “.