In the capital, they decided to get rid of migrant janitors: citizens of the Russian Federation will replace them to replace them

Migrant wipers massively began to disappear from Moscow streets, which became known from blocks on social networks of local residents.

According to the Moscow Government, it was decided to refuse foreign labor in favor of Russian janitors. However, such a decision, according to Muscovites, led to a deterioration in the situation: the city is now even dirtier than before. Who is to blame for the current situation?

Some of the Muscovites see this the need for foreign workers, others blame utilities in the commentary. In general, the loss of migrant janitors is associated with a conflict on October 13, when local residents went to the Pokrovsky vegetable base, demanding the detention of a visitor who killed the twenty-five-year-old Yegor Shcherbakov.

According to the head of the operating company of the district, all migrant wipers were dismissed. The official reason for the dismissal is the lack of a legal place of residence. Now for the vacant vacancies will arrange visitors from the regions of Russia, in this case active work is already being carried out.

According to the deputy of the district council, the actual wages of the wipers should be fifty -four thousand rubles, and migrants receive only eighteen thousand rubles.

Now the idea of ​​replacing foreign janitors with “their own” is trying to realize himself, but so far nothing traveling out of this idea comes out. Tajiks and Kyrgyz people are still working for the cleanliness of the streets in sweat, despite the fact that a fine for one legal entity, if it is noticed in the use of the labor of guest workers, is five hundred thousand rubles. At the same time, the deputy notes that in such operations to pay for the work to migrants everyone was satisfied, and no one wanted to introduce changes to the system.

A similar experiment to replace the janitors already had a place to be in St. Petersburg, when in two segments of the Kronstadt district in June this year, eight janitors with Russian citizenship decided to accept, and a month later a huge number of residents of the district for unfair cleaning of Russians were received. They convinced the authorities that migrants are harvested in the yards by an order of magnitude better and are engaged in their work in good faith. In addition, visiting workers do not finish their working day until they finish their work, which cannot be said about the Russians-Dvorniki who are leaving at the hour of the official completion of the working day.