In Turkey, the school principal advocated the destruction of potential “difficult” children.

This simply does not fit in the head – not in the Middle Ages, but in our time, not in the wild country of the Third World, but in quite prosperous and civilized Turkey, not a crazy maniac, but a teacher with great experience, the head of the children’s institution declares that that children who pose a potential danger to society must be destroyed.

This is a shocking statement by Mustaf Aydin, directing at the secondary school of the province of Erzurum, at a meeting organized in a local police station for the heads of educational institutions. The usual meeting-seminar, which are probably held everywhere, devoted to the prevention of violence among children, the usual composition of the participants, and suddenly-such an unusual point of view.

In his speech, Aydin first told colleagues and policemen that in his school most students are thieves and aggressors who find out relations with knives for shawarma. They usually spend their free time in old abandoned buildings among stray dogs, and only criminals can grow from them.

The situation, of course, is depressing, but what did an experienced teacher suggest for its resolution? His “brilliant” idea is to take samples of DNA from the criminals serving sentences, to compose a certain “genetic card” on their basis and use it to check children from the very tender age for a predisposition to commit crimes. And those who have such an inclination will be found at the genetic level, the school principal proposed to destroy “until they started to crawl”.

It is not surprising that the Ministry of Education soon pulled away Aydin from work.