Infrastructure for children

Today, almost all suburban villages contain a developed infrastructure for children. However, the composition of various children’s institutions in the village remains at the discretion of developers, unless this village is part of any settlement – then the local authorities can impose various social burden on the construction of kindergartens, schools or playgrounds. Playgrounds are found quite often in the villages, more than 80% of suburban facilities are equipped with them. Sports grounds are often found. Some suburban villages have children’s clubs where sections work, mugs. However, there are rarely their own schools and preschool institutions in such villages, and schools are especially greater deficiency. For the construction and operation of playgrounds, it is necessary not so many financial resources. Therefore, developers offer such sites in almost every cottage village. But the construction of capital objects – kindergartens, schools, stadiums will cost much more. Their subsequent operation will also cost too much cheap. But the profitability of such objects is very low: educational institutions will not bring profit to developers. In those cottage villages where schools are being built, costs are already laid in the cost of such houses. Their cost in villages with good infrastructure is several percent higher than in projects without it. The maintenance of a preschool institution or school can also affect the amount of operating payments. The price of a social object per household will be low or generally inconspicuous only if the village is large – per thousand households and more. There are also large projects that consist of several villages. Often developers invest funds in the construction of a “children’s” infrastructure, which is located next to the village, but outside its territory. Such objects are based on visitors from the side – this is how you can increase profitability and reduce the financial burden on the residents of the village. But still a wide “children’s” infrastructure is designed for residents of the villages of premium – and business class with wealthy residents. In the economy class, you can count on villages located near settlements and existing infrastructure facilities.