Luxury Apartments In Alanya

If you want to buy apartments in Alanya it is better to focus on objects under construction. There are many developing projects in the city that’s why you can find something in compliance with your needs.

Just check the developer. Stay Property is a reliable developer that offers many types of real estate. You can buy economy class and luxury apartments and villas.

Benefits Of Luxury Apartments Purchase

There are several reasons to focus on luxury apartments in modern developing projects:

  1. They have some infrastructure like swimming pools, SPA, hammam, parking zone, and so on.
  2. These apartments tend to be spacious, well-designed, and often feature high-quality fixtures, providing a luxurious and comfortable living space.
  3. They are often situated in desirable neighborhoods with convenient access to entertainment, dining, and transportation.
  4. They can serve as a sound long-term investment. According to the practice, the annual price increase is about 40% in Alanya.
  5. Feature to get Turkish citizenship. The cadastral value of the house should be at least $600,000. As for the residence permit, it is granted if the cadastral value is $200,000.
  6. There are no hidden problems with the house. If they occur, a developer is ready to solve the problem for free.

There are many luxury apartments in Alanya, that’s why you can choose something in compliance with your demands and needs.

The most popular apartments are 1+1, 2+1, and 3+1. However, you can find other options too.

Real Estate Under Construction And Already Built

In terms of investment, luxury apartments tend to have better long-term value. They generally fetch higher rental income due to their appeal to high-income tenants. Furthermore, they often come with superior construction quality and design, providing a comfortable living experience. When purchasing a luxury apartment that is still under construction, one has the advantage of choosing specific customization options, and tailoring the living space to personal preferences.

Buyers can immediately benefit from the available amenities and move-in ready condition if they purchase completed luxury apartments.

Both under-construction and built luxury properties offer the appeal of a certain lifestyle and the possibility of higher appreciation in value over time.

It is better to contact Stay Property company to purchase real estate in Alanya. It is a reliable developer and real estate agency. The company has several developing projects in different districts of Alanya. In this case, it is possible to find something that will satisfy your demands. Moreover, if you buy the object under construction, you can get interest-free installments till the end of the building. Get detailed information while contacting Stay Property specialist.