Operation on the rise of Chilean miners will begin on October 13

Referring to the statement of Chile of Lawrence Golborne-Minister of Chilean Mining Industry, the Agency “Agence France-Presse” reports that the operation to rise at a depth of seven hundred meters of thirty-three miners will begin on October Thirteenth on October Thirteenth.

This statement was made by the Minister of October ninth, on Saturday-during a press conference, which was dedicated to the end of work on the drilling of the Shurf, through which they plan to raise blocked miners to the surface.

It is worth noting that earlier it has already been reported that the miners will be lifted to the surface of the miners in a special capsule. Presumably the rise of one person will occupy from twenty minutes to one hour.

Thirty-three Chilean miners were blocked at one of the mines of San Jose, located in the north of Chile due to the accident that occurred there, which occurred on the Fifth of August. The first seventeen days after the collapse of their fate, nothing was known. So the rescuers managed to contact them only on the twenty -second of August. From the surface through a specially drunk small hole, drinking water, food products are delivered to the miners blocked underground. As well as the necessary medicines. In addition, they managed to install bilateral video communication with them.

In conclusion, we note that for the first time after the authorities began a rescue operation, its organizers and leaders believed that the miners would be able to deliver to the surface no earlier than the end of this December. Nevertheless, by the end of the last month, the leaders of the operation announced that the work on the salvation of the miners is underway with a significant advance of the schedule.