Premier of France called the EU to fight gypsy illegal immigrants

The Associated Press news agency reports that yesterday, September 21, the French Prime Minister-Francois Fillon was calling for the European Union to develop a plan to resolve the issue of illegal settlements.

So the elimination of gypsy settlements should launch a global approach to solving the problem of illegal migrants. In addition, to those countries where the gypsies have been living for a long time, the Prime Minister proposed to improve general living conditions, as well as provide them with better integration into French society.

Francois Fillon also called on the European Commission not to draw hasty conclusions and not to make hasty decisions regarding the intention of the latter to sue France because of the policy of the gypsies led by it. The Prime Minister also said to justify his program for the elimination of gypsy settlements that the French government would not allow a slum of slums near the French cities.

Recall that in the middle of the current month Vivian Reding – the Commissar of the European Union on Justice issues announced that an investigation was launched in relation to France in connection with the mass deportation of migrants from this country. So she noted that it can lead to a lawsuit to the EU court. At the same time, due to the leakage of the internal order of the French Ministry of Internal Affairs, it turned out that the plans of the Government of the Sweeter mainly gypsy illegal immigrants.

In France, the deportation of gypsies began in the middle of last month. According to the data provided by the Associated Press, during the time of the start of their eviction, approximately 1 thousand were deported. Gypsy. In most cases, illegal immigrants were deported to Romania. The French government also stated that this event is carried out exclusively on a voluntary basis. In addition, it was clarified that all the authorities of the authorities pay compensation.

In conclusion, we note that the main argument of the French government in defense of the deportation organized by him was a constant growing crime rate in gypsy camps.