Questions about life in Russia.

Not only the Russian mentality tends to be interested in the affairs of his neighbor. However, this is manifested by the Slavic peoples very strongly. This is due to the fact that by historical standards of the border that these peoples shared, recently arose. Living, for example, in Belarus, many people remain indifferent to their older brother – Russia. In response to the call of users about creating a site that would clarify questions about life in Russia, relevant services were created.

These portals are created to answer the only question: how life in Russia?. Since just such a question is asked by relatives, colleagues of those with whom fate separated and forced to live in different states. The importance of the emergence of these services was also due to a lie that filled many media, once a single state. This is a kind of opportunity to tell the truth freely, discuss current, open issues. The main advantage of sites of questions and answers about Russia, in the ability of each user, without fear of censorship, as well as restrictions, to express what he thinks. Each service of questions and answers also has an archive of the most commonly asked questions.

This service is automated. In other words, in order to find answers to questions about life in Russia, you just need to formulate it on the resource and find the right answer. As elsewhere, these portals have a rating of questions and answers. The essence of the rating is to make a small list that will reflect people’s interest in specific changes in Russia. The versatility of such services allows users to find data about the financial, social spheres of Russian life, as well as answers to the so -called folk questions. The presence of a convenient reference book made a search for the service very convenient and accessible to each user.

Unfortunately, there is a very small amount of these portals, although the need for them is increasing every day. The not popularity of such a direction is due to the fact that it is almost impossible to earn on these resources.