Regarding the theories of relativity

Recently they have been talking a lot. Someone will say that they say a lot at all times. And it is true. But when they talk a lot about something specific, then this is no longer conversations, but PR. Or anti -firing. Or both together. This is recently this is what is happening. Lips of Dashnakov, Republicans, opposition and involved citizens. And those who are not involved, listen and guess, where there is PR, where is an anti -spire, and that in the end all this means.

This, of course, is about the premiere chair. Of course, in this world everything is relative. Including premieres, premiere chairs and life itself. But in Armenia, everything is relatively in its own way, so you need to relate to such conversations relatively seriously.

So what is really happening? Nobody knows that. But the second president unexpectedly violated the silence and criticized the government. Like, they do not know how to work and generally filled up, failed and collapsed. Drama, economy and mood of citizens. It must be assumed that the share of truth in this is. But there is a share of truth in another. Starting from the first day of independence in Armenia, something constantly collapses, floods and spoils the mood of citizens. So the citizens are somewhat used to this and see in such conversations not care for the neighbor, that is, the people in general, but the secrets of the Madrid court in the Armenian refraction. And cunning citizens begin to pretend: yeah, that means how… If that is from there, and this is here, and the third will be removed, and the fourth will be imprisoned, maybe for me the position will be released. Say, assistant storekeeper of the government apparatus. This is called career aspirations. As they say, nothing personal. Just caring for the welfare of the family. And there is rumor supported by personal ambitions, walk around the city. Soon, they say, Martiros will become an assistant storekeeper, because this prime minister will be removed, they will be appointed to another.

This is how a big policy is being done. But we are not about that. We will about whether it will be done in this particular case…

Of course, the artillery circuit began for a long time. And immediately from long -range guns. First, the Chairman of the Party Party performed. And hit the ministers. The ministers answered. But somehow intelligent. In general, I did not remember. And the collision was remembered. Because the attacks are generally remembered better, and the offensive, as you know, is the best type of protection. Then Dashnaki performed. Ideologically sustained, reasonably, revolutionary and generally in Dashnak. Like, they blame the second president, and he was the best. They flourished with him. True, there were mistakes. But who does not have them? And in general, it would be better if everyone looked in the mirror before accusing another. You see, they say, the sorrinka in the eyes of the second president, and do not see the logs in your own eyes.

In a word, Dashnaki performed in biblical figuratively and supported the second president. Although all informed people already knew that they support him. But that is informed people, or the general public. And the general public learned from these two performances two facts. The second president is supported by two parties at once – “prosperous Armenia” and the ARFD. Given the fact that the speaker of the parliament is now a relative of the leader of the “prosperous”, it is a serious force, supported by the scientific calculations of the analytical fund of the former Minister of Foreign Affairs. As a result, the support of some deputies, part of politicians and part of the scientific and analytical community is obtained. If you add here the desire of the second president to become a prime minister, which he voiced, although not directly, but a political hint, the current prime minister should seriously think how favorable to him Fortune.

True, the Republicans organized a counterattack. But it seemed that she was more likely a formal character. True, the opposition announced that if the second president becomes the prime minister, then an end will come. But it was a feeling that they themselves did not know what the end would come. Either he, or a country, or an apocalypse will come at all. Although in the latest version is believed. And in the first two too.

As a result, a purely Armenian situation was created. Everyone said everything that they had to say, everyone knows that in everything the said there are a second and third meanings, everyone understands these meanings in their own way, but everyone is waiting for the final verdict from above. Because only one person did not speak out.