The author of the book “Germany – self -lifting” is made by reprisal

The SPIEGEL news agency reports that threats were published on the Internet, Tilo Sarraitsin, which is a consist of a social democratic party and is a member of the board of Bundesbank. The causal threat is a book recently released by him called “Germany – self -destruction”, which caused stormy debates in Germany. It is worth noting that in his book Sarracin criticizes the authorities of the authorities on the integration of Muslim migrants.

Threats received by the writer were informed by the Celna police by one of the users of the popular social network “Facebook”. At this time, a check is already being carried out. It is still unclear whether Tilo Sarracin is really threatened by reprisal, or in this case, we are just talking about the “wishes of death”.

In any case, after the book of the book to Sarraitsyn, four criminal police officers were assigned to Sarrazin on August 30, the task of which is the constant security of the writer.

According to Bild, Rainer Wendt, a representative of the parliament and a member of the German police union, believes that today Sarracin is making a real threat to make a real threat. Such a situation will continue for a long time, due to the fact that the threat does not fall, but rather increases.

It is worth recalling that, the book written by Sarracin, as well as many of his statements, uttered by him on the eve and after its publication, caused a rather violent reaction in society. So, for example, the Bundesbank board made an appeal to the President of Germany – Christian Wulf with a proposal to withdraw a scandalous writer from the rule. And the “SDPG” ​​established a party trial, because of which the banker may be excluded from the party.

At the same time, many ordinary members of the SDPG do not share the actions of the party leadership. So Welt reports that as a result of the scandal around Tilo Sarracin in a week, the popularity of SDPG fell by 2% – up to 25%. This indicator is the worst since May.

Meanwhile, Rene Stadtkevits, who was previously a member of the HDS, but recently excluded due to too “bright” statements towards Islam, said that he soon plans to create his own party and intends to invite Tilo Sarracin there. Nothing is known yet about how Sarracin reacted to this. Moreover, some time ago, he said that he himself would not put a “SDPG” ticket on the table, but rather take it into the grave.