There is no sea in Belarus

So believes the German edition “Berliner Tsaitung”. The title of the article begins with the words: “People in Brest live in the shadow of one wall that Europe shares. Many dream of life in neighboring Poland “

Brest. 12 hours of noon in Brest, Belarusia. Behind the monument of Lenin, who looks at the city, the cork begins. Where houses become lower and trees higher, suddenly there is a barrier, behind which is the border to Poland and the European Union. “Brest is in the center of Europe,” so Dmitry Devyatov, a press attache of the border control department, says in an interview with the German publication. Brest. Pointing to the motorcade he says: “We are a gate to the world”. This is a gate that work one way: many want to leave, but not many want to enter. In the direction of Poland, there is a multi -hour queue, and in the opposite direction it is formed almost unhindered.

First of all, these are commodity freight transportation with transit Russia, which receive permission to enter Belarusia. Several cafes in the modern customs building offer hot pies and panorama for the Polish forest. Since Poland entered the EU, not all Belarusians can afford to visit a neighboring country. The average monthly earnings in the country are 250 euros (vacancies in Brest), many earn less. The cost of a European visa is 60 euros. Therefore, Dmitry Devyatov also chooses a vacation with his wife and two children on the old Mercedes (1977 goal of release) is better in Moscow than to Poland. Or to Lithuania at sea. “4 multiply by 60 and this is to go to Poland, an expensive pleasure,” he says.

Jeanne Sidoruk knows well about the moral support of her fellow citizens from the Polish government. “Poland gives us a feeling that we are not forgotten in Europe”. She was one of the first to apply at Karta Polaka at her school, despite the fact that she threatened her problems in career growth. “The map gives me a sense of confidence,” she says. By the way, Sidarok works as an independent teacher and as a translator. “My dream is someday living at sea,” she says.