We will open the gift of the disabled!,

Ukrainian society on the path of civilizational development is slow, but reaches European standards, especially in the humanitarian sphere. A striking example of this is the functioning of an extensive network of institutions and organizations to support disabled people. Among them is the Center for Spiritual Support of Persons with the Special needs of the EMAUS, which has been operating as a structural unit at the Ukrainian Catholic University for the eleventh year.

His mission is noble, because it provides for the spread of the worldview about the gift and a special vocation of the disabled; support for their families, strengthening the spirit of community and the gift of friendship with persons with special needs, as well as strengthening private local initiatives who care about the practical and spiritual needs of this category of people. The listed tasks are not formality, they are really embodied in practice through presentations, conferences, seminars in educational institutions, publication of articles and auxiliary materials on the topics of rethinking attitudes towards disabled people, close cooperation with social organizations and religious communities in the spirit of ecumenical dialogue.

The EMAUS Center pays special attention to the spiritual support and development of youth with special needs – it organizes formation training, recollections and joint prayers. The principle of activity is based on – each person, without exception, is designed to be an instrument of love in each individual community and the world.

“Emas” has common roots with the communities “Larsh-Kovcheg” and “Vera and Light” belonging to the international Christian movement of associations for persons mentally inferior.

In 2011, the EMAUS Center celebrated its decade with an enlightening solemn evening “We will open the gift of the disabled person!»First in Lviv, then in the Strey. At the end of November, Emauzivzi will visit us and. According to the organizers of the action, this event is a great opportunity in order to reveal the talents of the disabled before the whole, to familiarize themselves with information about the activities of such structures and contribute to their creation in the district centers of Ukraine.