What can be expected when moving to Thailand?

Life in Thailand attracts, first of all, its climate and cheapness. It is also attractive to its accessibility, simple in visa issues.

What can you live in Thailand? There are many areas of activity that are closed to foreigners.

Of course, remote work is not forbidden anywhere and is not prohibited. If there is a possibility of renting real estate, then this is a real version of existence.

First you need to live a month or two temporarily to feel the mentality and culture of the country’s population. Pre -find the sphere of activity. Languages ​​need to be taught English.

It is better to rent housing in late spring, when prices are much cheaper. You need to remove it immediately for a long time. Visa issues are solved as follows. At arrival, the visa is valid for 30 days, then you need to take in Malaysia or Laos. In Malaysia, you can get a 3-month or educational visa, and in Laos-a 6-month double tourist visa, educational or pension visa.

You can eat cheaply and tasty in local cafes. Lunch for two can cost 60 baht. In restaurants, prices are much more expensive. European dishes are also very expensive. You can cook at home, then it is better to buy products in the markets, and meat in supermarkets.

Black tea in Thailand is expensive, for example, a regular Lipton pack costs 180 baht, while others are even more expensive. Nescape is common from soluble coffee, but the ground coffee tastier. Dairy products are very expensive and are considered a delicacy. In abundance, different varieties of fish, eggs, fruits. Rice, vermichels are common from croup.

The cost of renting a house starts at 5 thousand. Bat per month. Utility payments are from 500 to 2000 baht per month. Water tariff 12 baht per cubic meter.